Maldon District Council would like to express their thanks to the following people and groups for their contribution to this site and to the Maldon District.


Marion Sidebottom

Marion's photographs appear throughout the website reflecting her extensive contribution to the provision of high quality images to promote the District. Marion's knowledge of the local environment paired with her keen eye for outstanding natural beauty combine to create some powerful imagery. We can only recommend a further look at her work on her website.

Tom McGahan

Tom continues to provide us with a wide range of outstanding photographs from intricate images of wildlife to fast paced action shots of events such as the Maldon Mud Race and Saltmarsh 75. Tom's work consistently seems to sum up the moment perfectly. Winner of the 2017 Feature Shoot Print Swap, “ Slieve Coillte’ from the series ‘Echoes’ exhibited in Group show at Black Eye Gallery, Sydney is just one of the reasons to check out his website. 

Mischa Haller

Mischa's work on the Sense of Place branding provided an excellent visual representation of what is unique about this district, and in doing so we feel that her images have helped to entice many visitors to come here. Her close-up work on local produce and wide-angled landscape shots reflect the gastro, coastal and timeless themes at the heart of our tourism offer.

Steve Boutwell

We are extremely grateful for the time and effort Steve has dedicated to sourcing us wonderful scenes from around the Maldon District. His love and passion for Promenade Park is shown through the shots he has shared - especially the early morning views - with not a soul about.  

Malcolm Brown

A member of the Essex Guild of Craftsman, Malcolm has a huge array of artistic and capivating photos. Specialising in particular in the beautiful natural aspects of the District, Malcolm has really captured the essence of Maldon. Malcolms work can be seen on his website 

Paul Harriss

We would especially like to thank Paul for his Coastal Walk photographs taken in 2013, whose quality means that they are frequently still used today.


Regular park users know their park inside out and fully understand how it functions. They have opinions about what works well and what could be done better, and they frequently put forward suggestions to us on how it might be improved.

Vital links

Many park users channel their views through one of the Friends Groups now established throughout the District.

Friends Groups are a vital link between Maldon District Council and the community and they make an invaluable contribution to development plans.

Raising funds

Financial resources for parks, especially in rural areas, are limited. At present there is no statutory duty for councils to provide a parks service, in spite of their obvious benefits to the community. Friends Groups can tap into funds to improve parks that are available to community groups but not to local authorities.

Community involvement

Informing the community, listening to their views, giving them the opportunity to have their say in the future direction of the park produces development plans that respond to local need, offer value for money and are sustainable. This ensures that we continually strive to improve our standards and provide better quality open spaces.

Friends of Riverside Park

Vanessa Bell

01621 330506

The Oak Tree Meadow Community Group

Contact Maldon District Council

01621 854477 -

Elms Farm Park Conservation Group

Malcolm Brown

01621 856989 -

The Friends of Hester Place

Lynn McHugh

01621 785136

View of trees and grass

Friends of Southminster Open Spaces

Paula Neall

01621 773243 -

Friends of West Maldon Recreation Ground

Ken Warwick

01621 853821 -

Little Totham Landscape Group

Contact Maldon District Council

01621 854477 -

Bridge Task Force (Burnham)

Sheila Nutt

01621 781035


Friends Groups can make a difference. If you have an interest in one of our parks or open spaces and there is already a Friends Group set up, you can contact the group on the details listed above.

If you feel that there are issues needing to be adressed relating to a park or open space where there is currently no Friends Group, and you would like to let Maldon District Council know, please use this form