Maldon is a historic maritime town that is known nationally and across the world for its connections to the Saltmarsh Coast, with its sea salt, infamous mud race and the iconic Thames Sailing Barges. The town is also famous for the Battle of Maldon 991, where Viking raiders defeated the Saxons on the causeway of Northey Island, and this is the oldest recorded battlefield site in England. Maldon is the second oldest town in Essex and received its Royal Charter from Henry II in 1171.


A settlement in Maldon has existed since before the time of Roman occupation. The town was clearly of some importance in the 10th century, as a royal mint was established and King Edward the Elder fortified the town in 913. In the following years, a Viking raid was successfully beaten off, but several decades later at the Battle of Maldon 991, a second Viking raid defeated the Saxons. By the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, Maldon and Colchester were the only two boroughs recorded in Essex. Less than a century later, a Royal Charter was granted to the town by Henry II in 1171.

Maldon also had a prominent history with shipbuilding and the town had been providing a ship for the royal cause since the Anglo-Saxon period. In 1347, the town supplied two ships and thirty two men to Edward III for the Siege of Calais. At the Battle of Solebay 1672 against the Dutch, a Maldon ship the ‘Jersey’ took part and Samuel Pepys was made Captain of this vessel.

In the 19th century, Maldon had seen much growth and being a centre of admiralty jurisdiction had established the town as the largest in Essex after Colchester. It owed much of its success to its sea trade and carrying corn to London was a major trade until the 1870s. When it became no longer economic to grow it in Essex, the Thames Sailing Barges carried hay and straw to London instead. With the arrival of the railway to Maldon in 1846 and the revolution of transport, over the next several decades the use of the barges gradually declined as did the town's reliance on its port.
Maldon is famous for the Battle of Maldon which took place over a thousand years ago in the year 991. The battle was immortalised by an Old English poem that describes its events. Fought between the Saxons and Vikings, the battle was ultimately a Viking victory, and it is generally agreed that it was a hard fought battle, with considerable losses on both sides. Learn more about the Battle of Maldon.


Maldon High Street from Moot Hall's Rooftop
Fat Man of Maldon, Edward Bright


The Maldon Heritage Walk is a circular route of the town, where you will discover numerous historical and listed buildings, as well as plaques commemorating well-known people or events associated with these buildings. Heading up the High Street from Promenade Park, follow the Blue path. You will pass the traffic lights which are next to Wenlock Way, and this alleyway is where the Maldon Tourist Information Centre is located. On the right side of the High Street, you will pass the Swan Hotel and Pound Stretcher, and further ahead you will see a sign for Bright’s Path, which is an alleyway of small boutiques. By Bright's Path on the High Street is the Church House Building which has a blue plaque on the front. It was believed that the ‘Fat Man of Maldon’ Edward Bright (1721 - 1750) lived here, but recent research has revealed that the house was built by his son.

Continue along past Church House and you will see the roundabout up ahead. Turn right at the roundabout, where you will pass the St. Peter’s Building on your right. The ground floor houses the Maeldune Heritage Centre, and on the top floor is the Plume Library. Head past the pedestrian crossing, passing the Town Hall on your left and continue down Market Hill. Before the road bends to the left, on the right you will see Maldon United Reformed Church, where Reverend Joseph Billio preached in 1696 to 400 Protestant Dissenters.

Turning back the way you came, head back up Market Hill, and cross over the pedestrian crossing to turn right down the High Street. Up ahead you will see the Moot Hall with its pillared balcony and large black and white clock. Continuing forward you will see All Saints Church to your right, known for its unique triangular tower. At the junction of the High Street at Silver Street, you will see Thomas Cook, and this building was the original Moot Hall. Turn right onto Silver Street, passing the Blue Boar Hotel on your left. Turn right down Cromwell Hill, pass through the bollards and continue left down Market Hill, crossing over Cromwell Lane. The building immediately to your left served as Maldon’s workhouse from 1719 to 1835 and was built with proceeds from Thomas Plume.

Continue down Market Hill, along the bridge over the River Chelmer, and cross over the road using the pedestrian crossing. Turn back the way you came, heading back over the bridge and then turn left at Anchorage Hill. Pass through the car park, and rather than following the road as it bears right, continue straight forwards onto Chandlers Quay with houses to your left. Continue through the alleyway ahead and you will soon see the black Maldon Salt Company building (not open to the public). You will walk slightly uphill to reach Downs Road. Walk straight head, passing the houses and the recreation ground to your left.

At the end of the road, turn left and continue along the road until you see the white building. This was John Howard’s home, 1849 to 1915 who was a Master Shipbuilder, and the prolific output from his yard included 22 sailing barges. Turn back the way you came and continue left, heading past the Marinestore Chandlery. Follow the road, passing the Queen’s Head pub to your left and you will soon reach the Hythe Quay, where you can then circle back through Promenade Park to reach your starting point.


Follow the Green path, continuing south along the route for 100 yards which heads away from Maldon Yacht Club. At the crossing track, continue onto the sea wall path, where you will see a signpost for 'Sea Wall and Northey Island'. Follow this path for half a mile until you reach a lane. You will see the causeway to Northey Island to your left, which you can venture out onto at low tide to get a different perspective of the River Blackwater. The island is access is by appointment only and you can arrange to visit by calling the Warden on 01621 853142. It is free for National Trust members and £2 for non-members.

Continue alone the lane for nearly half a mile, passing through South House Farm. Turn right at the staggered crossroad of footpaths when you see the bungalow to your left. Follow the path along the right side of the field, and as the path bends right, you will reach a housing estate, and the path soon bends to the left. Continue along until you reach Park Drive, turn right and walk along the pavement which goes past the football club, Madison Heights and the Blackwater Leisure Centre.

Ignore two roads turning right, where one goes towards the Recycling Centre and the other heads into the Park Drive Health Club. Continue forwards and turn right into the main entrance of Promenade Park, following the road and then make a left. Walking under the trees, you will come out to a group of kiosks up ahead. From here you can turn right, heading past the Splash Park and play areas to walk back towards your starting point.

Optional Walk on Northey Island
After crossing the causeway, continue ahead on the lane for half a mile, ignoring a kissing gate on your right. You can enjoy views of the estuary to the left, and there is also a bird hide on the left as well. When you reach a ‘Private’ sign, you will approach Northey House, turn left to take the path which goes around the back of the house, follow the path as it turns right. When you reach the kissing gate at the back of the house, continue forwards, ascending the steps and heading onto the sea wall. Follow this path for approximately ¾ of a mile as it twists and turns around the eastern part of the island. Go through the kissing gate at the end of the path and turn left to head towards the causeway.
Sea Wall to Northey Island
Views from Northey Island
Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation
Beeleigh Falls


From the Saltmarsh Coast hub, follow the path towards the Maldon Yacht Club and head to the sea wall. You have the option to go right onto the promenade and visit the statue of Byrhtnoth. Turn left to head past the model boating lake, the Splash Park and the ornamental lake to go towards the Hythe Quay, where the Thames Sailing Barges are moored. Going past the quay, continue onto Downs Road, which is a residential street with the Downs Recreation Ground further ahead on the right.

Instead of following the road when it bears left continue straight on where you will soon pass a black building to your right, which is owned by Maldon Salt. The site is however not open to the public and doesn’t have a shop or museum for you to visit. Continue straight on as the path narrows, passing a car park onto your right, and head onto the road ahead, this is Chandlers Quay. Passing houses on your right, follow the road right which takes you closer to the river. Heading towards the main road ahead and turn right, crossing over the bridge and continuing straight ahead for nearly half a mile.

You will pass Lidl on your right, cross over the road by the roundabout, and then head past the new retail estate to your right and the second roundabout. Continue straight ahead, crossing over another road, past the garage and houses. Ignore the next road on the right which leads to an industrial area, instead turn right down Bates Road. Walking straight ahead, follow the road as it bears left and then turn left down the smaller road. Continue along this path as it makes a sharp right, and follow the path as it runs adjacent the industrial estate to Bates Road.

As the path diverges, continue left and then right, continuing along the sea wall for 1 ½ miles where you will reach Heybridge Basin and the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation lock that meets the Blackwater Estuary. Follow the path and head up the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation for two miles. You will pass Bentalls Warehouse and other typical canalside buildings, and you will then pass underneath the Wave Bridge. As the canal bears left, you will walk underneath two more bridges, and then you'll pass the Oak Tree Meadow play area, and on your left is Tesco.

The canal path will bear to the right, and goes underneath the A414 road bridge, after 300 yards head onto the yellow-brick bridge to cross over the canal. With the Maldon Golf Club to your left and Elms Farm Park on your right, continue for half a mile and you will reach Beeleigh Falls, where the canal meets the River Chelmer. Bear left to cross the wooden foot bridge. At this point, you will leave the canal path which continues the whole way to Chelmsford. Turn left just before the lock, passing through a small wooded area and cross another bridge to reach Beeleigh Steam Mill.

Continue along Abbey Turning and turn left down Beeleigh Chase, Beeleigh Abbey is to your left. Follow the path and the canopied green lane and turn left at the T-junction. It will take you under the busy A414 close to the River Chelmer, so that you can avoid the traffic. Continue right along the path and head uphill, passing the Leech Memorial Garden and after 50 yards, follow the path until you reach the tarmacked part of Beeleigh Road. Continue onto Silver Street, passing the Blue Boar to reach the High Street. Turn left and continue along the High Street, passing the roundabout, a set of traffic lights, and continue onto Mill Road. You'll see Maldon Museum to your left, and the entrance to the Promenade Park, where you can then make your way back to your starting point.


The Hythe Quay, Maldon
No visit to Maldon is complete without visiting the Hythe Quay, which is a historic working waterfront that has been used as the town's port for over a thousand years. The quay is home to the largest collection of active Thames Sailing Barges that are still in use today, and you can take a trip out on these iconic barges with Topsail Charters and the Thames Sailing Barge Trust.

The beloved Steam Tug Brent, which is the last surviving steam tug of the Port of London Authority’s fleet, is moored at the Hythe Quay along with the Barge Tea Room Resourceful which is open year round.
Promenade Park, Maldon
The Promenade Park, known locally as 'the Prom', is located at the end of the Hythe Quay and is packed with attractions for all the family. It is the most popular park in the district and has undergone major refurbishment in recent years.

Along with the Splash Park and beach huts, Promenade Park has several play areas, Pirates Bay Adventure Golf, a model boating and crabbing lake, skateboard ramps, wildlife areas, as well as plenty of places to enjoy a picnic. During the warmer months, the Maldon Splash Park is very popular for the kids, along with the beach huts which make for great bases during the day.
Maeldune Heritage Centre
The Maeldune Heritage Centre is home to the famous Maldon Embroidery which is a 42ft long masterpiece depicting 1000 years of Maldon's history. The centre regularly holds art & craft exhibitions from local artists and craftspeople, showcasing a range of paintings, photography, textile art, pottery, and mixed media. There are also historical displays and finds, as well as a gift shop with local crafts, art and souvenirs.
Combined Miliary Services Museum, Maldon
As one of the country’s premier military museums, the Combined Military Services Museum offers insight into Britain’s military history from ancient times to the present day. Previously voted as the best museum and best exhibition in Essex, the museum offers only original and genuine items with no replicas or reproductions. The museum houses one of the world’s foremost collections of covert operations weapons, clothing and equipment.
Museum in the Park, Maldon
Maldon Museum, also known as ‘Museum in the Park’, houses exhibitions reflecting the industrial, social and domestic history of Maldon and its surrounding district. Situated by the main gate of the Promenade Park, the museum is run by a team of committed and friendly volunteers. It is one of only a handful of the 168 museums in the country to have been awarded accreditation by the Arts Council. This little gem is definitely worth the visit.

The Moot Hall

This 15th Century former manorial home houses a unique brick spiral staircase, a Georgian court room, a former prison and a Victorian Council Chamber.

Thomas Plume’s Library

Founded in 1704 this historic library still houses Thomas Plume’s books and his small collection of paintings.

Topsail Charters

Historic sailing barges ‘Hydrogen’ and ‘Thistle’ are available for regular public cruises and also for private hire for groups up to 50 from a variety of East Coast locations including Maldon and Ipswich.

Blackwater Leisure Centre

At the newly refurbished Blackwater Leisure Centre there is a huge range of activities on offer, including swimming, a gym, and fitness and pool classes.

Steam Tug Brent

Brent has been a much loved local landmark for over 40 years. It is the last surviving steam tug of the Port of London Authority’s fleet. Full restoration is planned for this unique vessel.

Friary Walled Garden

The Friary Walled Garden is very small and normally open to the public for a short time once a month.

All Saints' Church

Our doors are open to everybody of all faiths – all are welcome in this house.

The Viking Saga Boat Trips

The Viking Saga, listed on the UK National Historic Ships Register, was built locally in 1947. After a complete restoration she is now used for public cruises from Maldon and neighbouring ports.

St Mary's with Mundon

St. Mary's Church is known locally as the Fisherman's Church as its tower guides sailors and their craft into the Hythe Quay.

Pirates Bay Adventure Golf

Pirates Bay is an exciting 19 hole adventure Golf Course offering loads of fun for all ages.

Thames Sailing Barge Trust

Experience the pleasure and excitement of sailing on a historic Thames sailing barge. The Thames Sailing Barge Trust, a registered charity which owns the sailing barges Pudge and Centaur.

Hayletts Gallery

We exhibit some of the best professional East Anglian artists, plus a selection of artworks by famous British artists from the last 50 years. A selection of ceramics, glass, sculpture and gifts accompany each exhibition.

St Giles Leper Hospital Remains

Remains of an ancient Leper Hospital said to have been founded in 1164 by Henry II.

Mighty Oak Brewery

The Mighty Oak Brewing Co Ltd was founded in Essex in 1996 before finding a home in Maldon five years later.


Maldon offers a wide range of events throughout the year to suit a wide variety interests. Some of the town's biggest events include that world famous mud race, Maldon Carnival, Maldon Festival, as well as the Smoke and Fire Festival.

You can also enjoy regular concerts, live gigs, open mic nights and tribute bands. If you're looking for intimate music nights, macTheatre holds regular gigs from a variety of high calibre performers.
Plays and pantomimes from local drama groups take place year round, as well as talks, fairs, markets and sales.

During the colder months, watch the annual fireworks display at Promenade Park, or get into the Christmas spirit at the Maldon Vintage Fair which takes place along the High Street.
Queen's 90th Birthday, Promenade Park, Maldon


The Vintage Rose

The Vintage Rose is a vintage style tea room located at Quest Place just off of Maldon High Street.

The Jolly Sailor

The Jolly Sailor at Hythe Quay in Maldon, Essex, is a delightful 17th Century Pub, ideally located overlooking the River Blackwater, offering food, drink and accommodation.

Topsail Charters

Historic sailing barges ‘Hydrogen’ and ‘Thistle’ are available for regular public cruises and also for private hire for groups up to 50 from a variety of East Coast locations including Maldon and Ipswich.

Maldon Tandoori

Our restaurant was established by my brother and myself in 1987 following the vision of our father who had a passion for cooking.

The Mighty Oak Tap Room

Serving a selection of fine ales straight from the cask, as well as some superb wines, ciders, soft drinks, and tea & coffee. Cheese & pate boards with Tiptree relish also available.

The House of Delight

Welcome to House of Delight, your local Chinese restaurant located on the High Street in Maldon.

Balti Bhujon

Balti Bhujon is an exclusive Indian restaurant situated in the historic ancient town of Maldon in Essex situated on the banks of the River Blackwater.

Suzie's Gift and Tea Shop

Here at Suzie's Gift and Tea Shop we make all of our delicious food on the premises, priding ourselves on delivering fresh and tasty meals, cakes, drinks and treats.

The Curry Nights

Run by Foyaj Miah for the past 15 years, The Curry Nights restaurant and take away offers an exclusive menu of the finest traditional Indian cuisine.

Swan Hotel Bar & Grill

The Swan is run by Lorraine and Yan and is situated in a prime high street position. It is a grade II listed building which dates from the late 15th century.

Sophie’s Kitchen

Our cakes are all freshly home made. They include chocolate, lemon, lemon and poppyseed, carrot, victoria, coffee and walnut, pecan and maple, bakewell tart, scones and a selection of home made cupcakes.


Dante’s is seafood restaurant housed in a beautiful 15th century listed building on Maldon High Street, a short walk from the Promenade Park.

The Queen Victoria

The Queen Victoria has been a local public house in Maldon since it opened its doors in 1845.


A café in the mornings offering fairtrade products,lunchtime menue with daily specials. In the evening a bar serving extensive wine list, local real ales and cocktails.

Queens Head Inn

This fantastic pub, with its enviable and superb river location, is run by Charlie & Vivian Little.

Black Rabbit

A local pub that offers an all day food menu that caters for everyone. From sandwiches to pizza and burgers, we have it all.

Mrs Salisbury’s Famous Tea Rooms

Founded in 2014, Mrs Salisbury's optimises the Great British tea room. Our tea room is proudly situated in the blue plaque dwelling of the late Edward Bright, The Fat Man of Maldon.

Farmers Yard

Based in a beautifully quirky grade II listed building, The Farmers Yard bottle shop is the smallest pub in Maldon.


The Limes Guesthouse

A beautiful grade two listed building with sumptuous rooms decorated to a high standard, providing comfortable accommodation for all your requirements - business or social occasions.

Guest House with 14 rooms, £100-£135 prpnb

11 Cromwell Hill

Self-catering with 0 units

32 The Hythe

We are situated by the river Blackwater in the picturesque market town of Maldon with majestic Thames Barges moored up outside.

Bed & Breakfast with 2 rooms, £100 prpnb

Beeleigh Falls

Ground floor riverside property in extremely rural location. Fully furnished to provide every comfort from self catered accommodation.

Self-catering with 1 unit, £455 pupw sleeps 1-4

Black Rabbit

This is a basic bedroom that meet your needs but need a little glamour and that will come in time!

Guest Accommodation with 3 rooms, £50 prpn

Blue Boar

The hotel offers a range of elegant accommodation with 28 en-suite bedrooms, 4 historic suites, and rooms range from a standard single or doubles with imposing four poster beds.

Hotel with 16 rooms, £85 prpn

Hanson House

A purpose built 2 bedroom annex in the gardens of the cottage in a semi rural location in Heybridge a parish of Maldon, which is a perfect location for the business traveller and people attending weddings for Vaulty Manor.

Bed & Breakfast with 2 rooms, £55-£77 prpnb

Le Bouchon Hotel & Brasserie

A grade II listed, 300 year old Georgian building in the small village of Heybridge, close to Maldon.

Hotel with 14 rooms

Mrs Salisbury’s Serviced Accommodation

Our Serviced Apartments offer superb accommodation in a central location. Our apartments have individual styles and have all been sympathetically restored to a very high standard.

Serviced Apartments with 2 units

Sailing Barge "Reminder"

Historic sailing barge moored at top of River Blackwater on Maldon's Hythe Quay. Ideal base for winter walks and bird watching.

Alternative Accommodation with 1 unit, £475-£375 pppn sleeps 1-14

Swan Hotel Bar & Grill

The Swan is run by Gary and Jackie and is situated in a prime high street position. It is a grade II listed building which dates from the late 15th century.

Guest Accommodation with 7 rooms, £80-£100 prpnb

Tatoi Bed And Breakfast

Comfortable en-suite accommodation in a large detached house with annexe. Continental breakfast served in the room. Self catering facilities with attractive discounts for additional nights.

Bed & Breakfast with 2 rooms, £28-£50 prpnb

The Bell

The Bell is in the centre of the historic town of Maldon, dating from the 15th Century, it has many interesting features. This delightful home is opening as a family run guest house.

Bed & Breakfast with 2 rooms, £80-£100 prpnb

The Borough Arms

Traditional pub games available and a range of beers. Accommodation is to the rear of the pub in a modern purpose built motel unit.

Guest Accommodation with 0 rooms

The Jolly Sailor

The Jolly Sailor at Hythe Quay in Maldon, Essex, is a delightful 17th Century Pub, ideally located overlooking the River Blackwater, offering food, drink and accommodation.

Guest Accommodation with 0 rooms

The Star House Bed And Breakfast

Family run /Georgian townhouse, walking distance (2 minutes) from town centre, historic quay and Promenade Park. Good choice of restaurants close by.

Bed & Breakfast with 3 rooms, £35 pppnb

The White Horse Inn

The White Horse is a busy town-centre pub, with restaurant and bed and breakfast facilities, in the historic town of Maldon close to the Blackwater Estuary.

Guest Accommodation with 7 rooms


The Hythe Quay, Maldon
Northey Island


Small Island in the Blackwater Estuary with a large area of undisturbed salt marsh. Site of special scientific interest. Site of the Battle of the Maldon in AD991. Guided tours by prior arrangement.

Heybridge Basin


Heybridge Basin is popular with both local residents and visitors alike, and is an excellent place to enjoy a leisurely day with family and friends.

Osea Island Resort


This beautiful historic island, accessible by car only during low tide, is open as a holiday destination. Just 45 miles from central London at the base of the Thames Estuary.


Along the coastline of the Maldon District, five Saltmarsh Coast Hubs are being installed as part of Maldon District Council's Dengie Gateway Project. Aside from Maldon, they are located in:

These inspirational visitor information points make the perfect starting point for your journey and provide you with engaging facts and details about this fascinating part of Essex's Discovery Coast.

Saltmarsh Coast Trail
Additionally, audio posts, signage and waymarking will continue to be installed. This work has been undertaken as part of the Maldon District Council’s Dengie Gateway Project funded by the Coastal Community’s Fund.

These inspirational visitor information points make the perfect starting point for your journey and provide you with engaging facts and details about this fascinating part of Essex's Discovery Coast.

Additionally, audio posts, signage and waymarking has also been installed. This work has been undertaken as part of the Maldon District Council’s Dengie Gateway Project funded by the Coastal Community’s Fund.

Saltmarsh Coast Trail
Keep up-to-date with what's going on in the district throughout the year by signing up to our events list. There is a Weekly Events List and a Monthly Events List for you to choose from. You can also stay informed about current tickets we are selling at the box office and other services we provide at the Maldon Tourist Information Centre.