WALKING IN THE DISTRICT - Please be aware that venues and activities could be subject to short notice closure or altered opening times. Please check with the venue before visiting.

With miles of spectacular and rugged coastline, nature reserves and diverse landscapes to discover, the Maldon District is a fantastic place for walking.

The footpaths, bridelways and country lanes make the perfect place to explore for the casual walker and dedicated rambler alike!

Enjoy rolling countryside and farmland, the hustle and bustle of thriving coastal communities, and the wild side of the Maldon District's Saltmarsh Coast.

Check out this page and find the route that's just for you!


Burnham Marina

This walk has been designed specifically for those who want a largely mud-free stroll which avoids the bustling Quay in Burnham.

This easy circuit of the riverside yachting centre affords you the opportunity to explore some lesser-visited parts of the town.

Distance: 4.6 miles (7.4km)

Time: 1 hours 30 minutes

Hythe Quay

If you want a mud-free stroll which takes you away from the crowds in Promenade Park in Maldon, then this walk is a good option.

This easy circuit of Maldon uses plenty of quiet paths and lanes, giving you the chance to explore lesser-visited parts of the town.

Distance: 4.6 miles (7.4km)

Time: 1 hours 30 minutes


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We will be adding to our list of walking routes over the coming months. If you would like to share your feedback on an existing route or want to suggest a route for us to include, please email tourism@maldon.gov.uk.


Burnham-on-Crouch Quay

This is a very pleasant and relatively undemanding stroll through the attractive yachting centre of Burnham-on-Crouch and nearby countryside. A decent stretch of the walk is alongside the scenic River Crouch.

There is a lot to see along the way, including birdlife, historic buildings, river views and boats of all shapes and sizes. Burnham has a large number of pubs, restaurants and cafés, so there is plenty of choice for refreshments at the end of this walk.

Distance: 4.25 miles (6.8km)

Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

St Peter's Chapel Bradwell

This is an easy but spectacular waterside walk on the eastern edge of the isolated Dengie Peninsula.

It provides the opportunity to visit what is arguably the most important historic site in the Maldon District – the ancient, lonely chapel of St. Peter’s on the Wall.

At low tide, you can also walk along beautiful sandy beaches, which are often deserted.

Distance: 6.5 miles (10.5km)

Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

Tollesbury Wick Marshes is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and you can enjoy either a short or long walk around this spectacular nature reserve, which is managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust.
Both routes make for superb walks as they provide plenty of interest. There are good views of the Blackwater Estuary and Mersea Island, as well as excellent opportunities for bird watching. Tollesbury is now renowned as a yachting centre.

Distance: 5.8 miles - 8.9 miles
Time: 2 hours 45 minutes - 4 hours 30 minutes
River Crouch looking towards Althorne

A picturesque walk along the coast between the villages of Althorne and North Fambridge; this allows you to get a train from North Fambridge station at the end of the walk to return to the start.

The walk includes scenic views of the River Crouch before turning inland towards the wildlife reserve and railway station. The walk has no paved sections and includes several short road sections.

Distance: 5.65 miles (9.1km)

Time taken: 2 hours

Steeple Creek looking towards Osea Island

This attractive, easy walk branches off St Peter’s Way, the long distance footpath, at the village of Steeple. It heads north to the Blackwater Estuary and follows the seawall anti-clockwise until it returns to the village.

The views across the creek towards Osea Island are magnificent, and the intertidal salt marsh and mudflats provide the perfect habitat for brent geese, grey plovers, dunlins and black-tailed godwits.

Distance: 4.4 miles (7.1km)

Time: 2 hours 15 minutres

Mundon Oaks

This walk takes you through some lesser-known, but nonetheless attractive, parts of the Dengie Peninsula, and has a few surprises up its sleeve!

Enjoy pleasant riverside views along Mundon Creek, marvel at the ancient and mysterious ‘petrified’ oak forest, and admire the sympathetically restored medieval church of St Mary’s at Mundon. Although the walk is quite long, the terrain covered is almost completely flat.

Distance: 7 miles (11.26km)

Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Burnham on Crouch

This wonderful linear riverside walk starts from North Fambridge railway station, taking you eastward towards the estuary at Burnham-on-Crouch, where you can catch a train to return to the start.

Alternatively, you can opt to do a shorter walk by finishing at Althorne railway station and returning to North Fambridge by train. The Crouch Valley offers plenty of opportunities to see birds and boats amid peaceful scenery.

Distance: 4.9 - 9.9 miles (7.9 - 15.2km)

Time: 2 hours 30 minutres - 4 hours

Walkers on Goldhanger coast

This walk combines a good stretch of walking in Essex farmland with a decent hike on the sea wall alongside the estuary of the River Blackwater. The walk starts and finishes in the charming and historic village of Goldhanger, with old cottages, two pubs and the 11th century church of St. Peter's.

Along the way, there are red hills (formed as a result of local salt making), saltmarshes and mudflats, and boats harvesting the oyster beds.

Distance: 8 Miles (12.8km)

Time: 3 hours 15 minutes

Beeleigh Abbey

This enjoyable waterside walk provides the perfect introduction to Maldon’s countryside and riverside areas.

Explore the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation, see the scenic Beeleigh Falls and walk along the seawall beside the Blackwater Estuary with fine views of Maldon along the way.

Heybridge Basin (near the halfway point) has a number of opportunities for refreshments.

Distance: 7.25 miles (11.7km)

Time: 3 hours 15 minutes

Old Hall Marshes
A fascinating walk around Tollesbury and the surrounding marshes. This walk has plenty of stunning views, historic sites and bird-watching opportunities!
Tollesbury nowadays is a renowned sailing venue so keep an eye out for passing vessels on the water!
You might also spot some of the locations used during the filming of ITV’s 2017 thriller ‘Liar’.
Distance: 6.4 - 10.16 miles (10.29 - 16.35km)
Time: 2 hours 15 minutes - 3 hours 26 minutes
Sea lock at Heybridge Basin

Explore the charming nautical bustle of Heybridge Basin, with its two attractive pubs and tearoom.

The little-known Chigborough Lakes are a tranquil spot to see along the way, before you reach the historic fishing village of Goldhanger.

The return leg to Heybridge Basin will be the highlight of the walk for many, as the route goes along the seawall, with great views of Osea and Northey islands and the River Blackwater.

Distance: 8.5 miles (13.6km)

Time: 2 hours 53 minutes


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We will be updating our Coastal Walks section with new and improved walking guides, routes and more in the coming months!
Saltmarsh Coast Trail

Along the coastline of the Maldon District, five Saltmarsh Coast Hubs are being installed as part of Maldon District Council's Dengie Gateway Project. These include:

These inspirational visitor information points make the perfect starting point for your journey, providing interesting facts and details about this fascinating part of Essex's Discovery Coast.

Saltmarsh Coast Trail
On the way, keep a lookout for audio posts, signage and waymarking to help you stay on the right path!

These inspirational visitor information points make the perfect starting point for your journey and provide you with engaging facts and details about this fascinating part of Essex's Discovery Coast.

Additionally, audio posts, signage and waymarking has also been installed. This work has been undertaken as part of the Maldon District Council’s Dengie Gateway Project funded by the Coastal Community’s Fund.


Shut Heath Wood

This fascinating walk explores the myriad of lanes and footpaths encircling the villages of Great Totham and Wickham Bishops, and in springtime provides the perfect opportunity to see Maldon District's most spectacular display of bluebells in Shut Heath Wood Nature Reserve. There are four pubs on or close to the walk route, all of which serve food.

Distance: 5.9 miles (9.5km)

Time: 2 hours 30 mintues

Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation
This very attractive walk provides a good opportunity to sample some of the delights of the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation, such as the scenic Beeleigh Falls and Hoe Mill Lock. The full version of this walk allows you to pass the beautifully situated 13th century church at Ulting.

Distance: Full walk - 8.9 miles. Short walk - 5.9 miles
Time: Full - 3 hours 45 minutes / Short - 2 hours 30 minutes
New Hall Vineyards, Purleigh
This walk explores the lonely countryside around the hilltop village of Purleigh, and provides an opportunity to visit a working vineyard and an historic World War I aerodrome near Stow Maries. Sections of this walk form part of the long distance St. Peter's Way; look out for the distinctive red logo on many of the footpath signposts.

Distance: 8.7 miles (13.9km)
Time: 3 hours 45 mintues
Althorne Station

A pleasant circular walk around the village of Althorne, including a short stretch along the River Crouch before turning inland through the fields and over the railway line before arriving in Althorne.

From here explore the surrounding countryside and take in several classic country pubs and landmarks.

Distance: 5 miles (8.04km)

Time: 1 hour 45 mintues

Woodham Walter Chruch

This walk starts and finishes in the ancient rural village of Woodham Walter. The views across rural Essex are lovely.

The terrain is varied, with arable fields, horse paddocks, woodland and the Woodham Walter Common nature reserve. This thirty-two hectare area of woodland is part of a large network of nature reserves which make up the Danbury Ridge Complex.

Distance: 4.9 miles (7.9km)

Time: 2 hours


Blackwater Rail Trail
This linear walk closely follows the route of the former Witham to Maldon Railway. Some sections of the raliway line are under private ownership and are not publicly accessible so it is necessary to leave the railway line and follow nearby footpaths in a couple of places.
The walk starts in the picturesque town of Maldon and ends in the busy town of Witham, where connecting bus and train services can take you back to Maldon or further into Essex.
Distance: 8.10 miles (13km)
Time: 3 hours


We're not quite ready with our walking guide for this route but information about the walk can be found at https://www.friends-of-the-flitch-way.org.uk/blackwater-rail-trail.html.

Tractor Ploughing in Bradwell-on-Sea


Burnham Quay

This attractive linear walk takes you from the charming riverside town of Burnham-on-Crouch in a steady climb across the final outlier of the rolling farmland of central Essex, before reaching the ancient town of Southminster.

Distance: 6.5 miles (10.4km)

Time: 3 hours (without pub stops)

Purleigh Church

This is an extremely pleasant walk which takes you through attractive Essex farmland and down quiet country lanes. There are many beautiful country houses to look at along the way, and some lovely scenery to admire too.

One of the key features of this walk is that it provides the opportunity to visit two historic country pubs, serving fine ales and food: the Hurdlemakers' Arms in Woodham Mortimer and the Bell in Purleigh. There's also another characterful village pub on the route, the Fox & Hounds in Cock Clarks.

Pub opening times vary - please check beforehand!

Distance: 6.9 miles (11.1km)

Time: 3 hours 15 minutes (without pub stops)

The Prince of Wales Public House

If you like far-reaching views, attractive countryside, dismantled railway tracks and village pubs, this is the walk for you.

The walk allows you to sample three superb examples of village pubs on the Dengie Peninsula (the pubs have varying opening times - check with them beforehand for details).

All three of the pubs visited on the walk offer an excellent range of beers (often from local breweries) and all serve food.

Distance: 6.6 miles (10.6km)

Time taken: 2 hours 45 minutes (without pub stops)

Carpenters Arms Public House

This short walk around Maldon provides a perfect opportunity to sample some local beers in four pubs which have good reputations for their range of well-kept ales; most of them also serve food.

Maldon has a long and proud tradition of brewing beer; today the Maldon District boasts three breweries (Maldon Brewing Company, Mighty Oak and Wibblers), all of which produce an excellent range of award-winning ales.

Distance: 2.75 miles (4.4km)

Time taken: 1 hour 45 minutes (without pub stops)

Southminster Railway Station

A voyage of real ale discovery along the scenic Crouch Valley railway line from Wickford to Southminster in the heart of the Dengie Peninsula.

Explore brewery tap rooms, micropubs and several traditional pubs on the way.You will also pass through historic towns, maritime villages, wildlife reserves and picturesque views on the Crouch Estuary.

More information is available on the Crouch Valley Rail Ale Trail page on this website.


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We will be updating our Pub Walks section with new and improved walking guides, routes and more in the coming months!
Pub interior


St. Peter's Chapel, Bradwell-on-Sea
St. Peter's Way is a forty-five mile walk that takes you through the countryside of Essex, from Chipping Ongar to the Saxon chapel of St. Peter-on-the-Wall at Bradwell-on-Sea. The route of St. Peter's Way is clearly signposted and waymarked in both directions. Most of the walk is reasonably flat, but does include kissing gates and stiles.

Beginning at Chipping Ongar, St. Peter's Way takes you through the village of Blackmore, Mill Green, past Margaretting, through Stock and West Hanningfield, East Hanningfield, Bicknacre and Cock Clarks. Heading into the Maldon District, the route takes you through Purleigh and Mundon, past Maylandsea and Mayland, through Steeple, St. Lawrence, Tillingham, and finally the route takes you up the sea wall to St. Peter's Chapel which was built in 654.

This chapel is one of the oldest largely intact churches in England and was built using the remains of a Roman fort called Othona. This was a Saxon Shore Fort which was a heavily defended military installation built in the third century. It was one of nine Roman forts that were located exclusively in the South East of England.



On the final stretch of St. Peter's Way, as you walk along the sea wall towards the chapel, you will pass the Dengie National Nature Reserve. This reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is made up of 3105 hectares. The reserve is a large and remote area of tidal mudflat and saltmarsh between the Blackwater and Crouch estuaries near Bradwell-on-Sea. The site is home to nationally and internationally important wintering populations of wildfowl and waders, and in summer supports a range of breeding coastal birds.

The flats between the tides and the saltmarshes at high tide provide extensive feeding areas for these populations. The formation of cockleshell spits, ridges and beaches is of geomorphological importance and shows coastal erosion and deposition processes. There are significant numbers of Knot, Turnstone and Dunlin, as well as good numbers of Oystercatcher, Wigeons, Golden Plover, Curlew, Pintail, Shelduck and Bar-tailed Godwit.


Join one of the many free FitSteps Walks going on around the Maldon District throughout the year. The FitSteps Walks are led by trained volunteers, and are suitable for all abilities, from beginners to seasoned walkers. The walks range between one and four miles and take place along safe, town and country routes. It is a WfH accredited walking for health scheme supported by a partnership including Maldon District Council, NHS Central Essex Community Services, and Provide Community Service Enterprise.