The Maldon District Sense of Place 'Made on the Saltmarsh Coast' initiative celebrates the produce, products and services of the Maldon District. The project will stimulate consumers and businesses to maximise their spending with local independent companies, enabling those companies to serve more local customers in new and safer ways.

We are committed to supporting the local businesses in our town centres to reopen in a way that is both safe for customers and staff. We have created this page to enable customers to support their favourite shops online and browse the fantastic things Saltmarsh Coast has to offer.



At the Maldon Mill, we have 14 people who have worked here for over 15 years, which is a testament to the community we have built here. There is nothing better than seeing the whole team working together towards the same goal. We genuinely all have a passion for perfection in milling and work very hard each day to blend our knowledge with pride and expertise into every bag of flour that we produce.

We grow the crops to feed our pigs, that way we can confidently tell you exactly what's in your meat. Our pigs are born and bred, farmed and fed on the Wicks Manor Farm or sourced from local East Anglian farms. The pigs are reared in open strawed yards with plenty of room to express their natural behaviours. The welfare of our animals always come first because a happy, stress-free pig produces meat of the absolute highest quality.

Since 1882, our salt has been made with the same traditional artisan methods. Four generations of master salt makers have been hand harvesting the naturally formed pyramid crystals that have become Maldon‘s signature. The Osborne‘s have been making the best quality salt for a century. That‘s a long while and a lot of salt for a family both custodians of an ancient culinary tradition and creators of a brand recognised the world over.

Jodie and Howie first met at agricultural university. The idea for Shaken Udder first came to Howie whilst dancing away at V festival. He suddenly had a craving for a fresh milkshake. He visualised a rather funky cow, lots of fresh fruit, great chunks of chocolate and lashings of fresh cows milk. Soon after, he called Jodie and they found themselves in Howie's mums kitchen, with a blender, 100's of ingredients, gallons of milk and ice cream.

In 1885, Arthur Charles Wilkin joined with two friends to form the Britannia Fruit Preserving Company. He stipulated that the jam should be free of glucose, colouring and preservatives. The first jam was of such high quality and impressed one Australian merchant so much that he arranged to buy every last pot. As new varieties were added the distinction between jams made with home grown fruit and foreign produce was made.

The Mighty Oak Brewing Company based in Maldon and have been producing Essex Brewing Award Winning Beers for over 20 Years. Mighty Oak was founded by John Boyce in Brentwood in Essex in 1996. It moved to the town of Maldon in January 2001, and set up in the West Station Yard industrial area..
The brewery makes mostly ale and exports these throughout Essex and around England.