Discover the charm and beauty of the Maldon District, steeped in history and full of exciting surprises. Only 40 miles from London but it feels like a different world, packed with independent shops and timeless heritage. With world famous food producers like Maldon Salt and Tiptree jams, come and sample our local gastro menu. Enjoy the space and natural wonder of our picturesque saltmarsh coastline, and linger a while in unique accommodation.

View of children playing on the Tollesbury lightship

Welcome to the Saltmarsh Coast, 75 miles of beautiful wilderness and tidal estuaries, interspersed with quaint villages and historic towns. Hidden in the corner of Essex, but only 40 miles from London, there is so much to discover throughout our dynamic and diverse coast line. From internationally significant wildlife reserves to the iconic sailing barges, and modern water sports there is plenty to see and do in the District.

View of the Moot Hall Stairs

Discover independent and historic towns and villages, full of quaint shops and restaurants, cafes and bars. Stroll through Maldon High Street, full of independent and eclectic shops, enough to fill many days of retail therapy. But why not also explore over a thousand years of history in our museums, heritage centres and attractions. Discover the significance of the historic port of Maldon and it’s quirky and truly unique people.

Wine bottles being stacked at New Hall Vinyard

There is a reason world class food producers such as Maldon Salt and Tiptree Jams flourish in the Maldon District. Some attribute it to our local ‘Micro-Climate’ and some to the passion of local farmers and food producers. Whatever the reason the Maldon District is very proud of its gastro menu. From independent restaurants and tea rooms to celebrated vineyards and micro-breweries, there is plenty to satisfy any appetite.


Maldon District Tourist Information Centre

Specially trained staff at Maldon District Tourist Information Centre (TIC) are on hand to offer expert and friendly advice to help you make the most of your visit. Situated just off Maldon High Street in Wenlock Way, the Centre offers a selection of free guides and brochures to help you understand and appreciate this unique area.